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SARAL-AltiKa Payloads

SARAL carries the following four payloads:

  • Ka-band altimeter with enhanced bandwidth
    • Ionospheric effects are negligible
    • Better vertical resolution (0.3m)
    • Ka-band (35 GHz) authorizes a compact, lightweight instrument easier to accommodate on a wide range of satellite buses.
  • Dual-frequency radiometer (24/37 GHz)
    • Required for tropospheric correction
    • Derived from Madras (Megha-Tropiques) developments.
  • Laser Retro-reflector Array
    • Useful for orbitography and system calibration.
    • For adequate orbitography performances in low earth orbit
    • Enable to have similar performance as reference missions like T/P, JASON, ENVISAT
    • Required for mean sea level analysis and coastal/inland application.