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OCEANSAT-3 Payloads

The scientific payload contains three instruments.

 Ku-band Scatterometer (SCAT-3)

 13-band Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM-3)

 2-band Sea Surface Temperature Monitor (SSTM)

 ARGOS by CNES French Space Agency

Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM-3) :


OCM-3 is a 13-band multi-spectral camera operating in the Visible and Near IR spectral range. It has 13 narrow (10-20 nm) spectral bands. This camera provides an instantaneous geometric field of view of 368 meter and a swath of ~ 15000 km. OCM can be tilted up to + 20 degree along track. OCM-3 is planned to be operated in two modes:

1. Local Area Coverage (LAC) mode at 366 m resolution

2. Global Area Coverage (GAC) mode at 1.1 km resolution


Scatterometer (SCAT-3) :


SCAT-3 is an active microwave device designed and developed at ISRO/SAC, Ahmedabad. It is used to determine ocean surface level wind vectors through estimation of radar

backscatter. Following are the sensor characteristics:

  Ku-band, HH/VV (Swath 1400km), VV (1400-1800km)

   High-resolution mode for ocean surface wind vectors at 12.5 km for the first time in addition to 25 km.

   Experimental mode of high resolution wind @5km

   Accuracy (RMSE): Speed ~ 1.5 m/s, Direction: ~15 deg.

    Noise Equivalent s0  improved by ~5dB to -39.5dB (-35dB) for H-beam, and -35dB (-31dB) for V-beam

Sea Surface Temperature Monitoring (SSTM) :




2-band Sea Surface Temperature Monitor (SSTM) is a new instrument on-board Oceansat-3.