द्रुत दृश्यीकरण

    Real time Analysis of Products and Information Dissemination


    Large volume and types of data products available to users from meteorological satellites has created a requirement for a web enabled environment, which can provide quick visualisation and analysis capabilities to end users and in-particular to meteorologists and decision makers.


    RAPID (Real time Analysis of Products and Information Dissemination)  is designed and developed with an objective to provide platform and format independent web enabled environment for quick visualisation and analysis of Earth Observation Data along with different base-maps and vector layers to end users as OGC compliant web services. RAPID is an attempt to fill the subtle gap between atmospheric science and geo-science data for better interpretation of meteorological events.


    RAPID provides capability to interactively visualize meteorological images from Indian meteorological satellites along with large number of geo-physical parameters. Software also provides capability to control opacity, enhancements and provide capability to apply different pseudo LUTS.


    In order to support analysis at user end, generation of contours, time series and transect plots, vertical profiles, calculation of area and distance for user defined area is also provided. Animation control provides capability to animate different layers as a function of time.