Day-1: April 22, 2014, Session-1
SARAL Project Overview
by P. Sengenes, J. Noubel, CNES, Jacques Verron, LGGE & SARAL Project Team
ISRO's Ocean Program
by Dr. Raj Kumar, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Day-1: April 22, 2014, Session-2
SALP Status
by S Mazeau, J.D. Desjonqueres and N. Picot, France
SARAL Data Dissemination
by Pushpalata Shah, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
SARAL ALTIKA Science and Applications: ISRO Status
by Dr. R.M. Gairola, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Day-1: April 22, 2014, Session-3
by A Couhert, S. Houry, F. Mercier, E. Jalabert, J. Moyard, CNES, France
Absolute Calibration of SARAL-ALTIKA in Kavaratti during its initial Calibration-Validation phase
by Dr. K.N. Babu, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Absolute Calibration of SARAL-ALTIKA in Corsica
by P. Bonnefond, O. Laurin, Amandine Guillot, Nicolas Picot, Mathilde Cancet, Florent Lyard, France
SARAL-ALTIKA Data Quality Assessment over Ocean
by P.Prandi, S. Phillips, V.Pignot, N. Picot, A. Guilot, France
Day-1: April 22, 2014, Session-4
Contribution of Satellite Altimetry in providing Wind Wave information in Coastal regions of East Coast of India
by Prof. K.V.S.R. Prasad,P.S.N. Acharyulu and Dr. Rashmi Sharma, India
Validation of Ocean Surface Features from SARAL-ALTIKA
by Dr. Suchandra Aich Bhowmick, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Assessment of SARAL-ALTIKA sea level anomaly in Indian Ocean: Comparison with Jason-2 and in-situ measurements in the South Eastern Arabian Sea
by Shyni TN and PV Hareesh Kumar,India
Day-1: April 22, 2014, Session-5
SARAL-ALTIKA MWR, Wet Tropospheric Correction, Performances and Retrieval Strategies
by B Picard, M-L Frery, E. Obligis, CNES, France
First Estimation of the ALTIKA Sea State Bias at Crossovers and Comparison with JASON-2
by J-C. Poisson, P. Thibaut, N. Tran, N. Picot, France
ALTIKA Instrument: In-Flight Stability and Performances
by N. Steunou, P.Sengenes, J. Noubel, N. Picot, J.D. Desjonqueres, J.C. Poisson, P. Thibaut, M.L. Denneulin, France
Day-2: April 23, 2014, Session-1
Further Evaluation of a 2-parameter Wind Speed Algorithm
by Graham Quartly, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Impact of Cloud and Rain Events on SARAL-ALTIKA Instruments
by J.C. Poisson, B. Picard, P. Thibaut, M. Simeon, D. Hoang, N. Steunou, N. Picot, France
ALTIKA KA Band Sigma0 Analysis
by N. Steunou, N. Picot, J.D. Desjonqueres, D. Blumstein, J.C. Poisson, P. Thibaut, France
Geophysical Model Function for Wind Speed retrieval from SARAL-ALTIKA: A Sensitivity Study
by Dr. R.M. Gairola, M.T. Bushair and Dr. Suchandra Aich Bhowmick, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
SARAL-ALTIKA Geophysical Parameter Retrieval Algorithms
by S. Chander and Dr. Prakash Chauhan, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Day-2: April 23, 2014, Session-2
SARAL POD Status Towards a suitable retracking strategy for derived geophysical parameters from SARAL-ALTIKA for the Indian Coastal region
by Aditya Chaudhary, Sujit Basu, Dr. Rajkumar, C. Mahesh and Dr. Rashmi Sharma, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
PEACHI Prototype for Expertise on ALTIKA for Coastal. Hydrology and Ice
by G. Valladeau, P. Thibaut, A. Guillot, N. Picot and the PEACHI Team, France
Sea Surface Height Variability observed by Ku and Ka-band Altimeter data in the NW Mediterranean Sea
by F. Birol, F. Nino, D. Blumstein, S. Fleury and J. Verron, France
A new tide model FES 2014
Assessment of SARAL-ALTIKA Alongtrack Sea Level Observations (Tidal Correction) Over Indian Coastal Ocean
by M. Salim, R.K. Nayak and V.K. Dadhwal, NRSC, ISRO, India
Day-2: April 23, 2014, Session-3
SARAL-ALTIKA Contribution to Ssalto/DUACS merged products
by Y. Faugere, L. Carrere, M.I. Pujol, F. Briol, A. Delepoulle, N. Picot, E. Bronner, France
Study of Upper Surface of Bay of Bengal During Contrasting Monsoon Years
by Mihir Kumar Dash, Subhra Prakash Dey, D. Samanta and P.C. Pandey, India
Short Wavelength Correlated Errors on Low-Resolution Mode Altimetry
by P. Thibaut, G. Dibarboure, J.C. Poisson, S. Labroue, C. Dufau, Y. Lasne, F. Boy, J.D. Desjonqueres and N. Picot, France
Mesoscale Variability using SARAL-ALTIKA in the Bay of Bengal with Emphasis on Cyclone Phailin
by Dr. Rashmi Sharma, SAC-ISRO, India
Day-2: April 23, 2014, Session-4
Impact of Assimilating SARAL-ALTIKA derived sea level anomaly along with other satellite data sets on simulations of an Ocean general circulation model
by Abhisek Chakraborty, Rashmi Sharma, Rajkumar, Sujit Basu, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Integrative Analysis of ALTIKA SSHA, MODIS-SST and OCM-Chlorophyll Signatures for Fisheries Applications
by H.U. Solanki, Dhyey Bhatpuria and Prakash Chauhan, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Sea Level Intra-Seasonal Variability in the Northern Indian Ocean Waveguide
by I. Suresh, J. Vialard, M. Lengaigne, W. Han, J. McCreary, F. Durand, P.M. Muraleedharan, France-India
Impact of SARAL-ALTIKA Data in a Data Assimilative Ocean Prediction System in the Indian Ocean
by Smitha Ratheesh, Rashmi Sharma and Sujit Basu, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Demonstrating the Quality of High Resolution Ocean Circulation Model in the Bay of Bengal Region
by Suneet Dwivedi, Univeristy of Allahabad, India
Day-3: April 24, 2014, Session-1
SARAL-ALTIKA SSHA Indian Ocean Variability and Ocean Initialization of Coupled Modelling
by Anitha Gera, A.K.Mitra, Imranali, Satya Prakash and Rajagopal E.N., NCMRWF, India
The AltiGlidEx Project: Monitoring the Circulation Around New Caledonia from a combination of SARAL-ALTIKA Measurements and dedicated in-situ Measurements
by Frederic Marin, Jean-Luc Fuda, Fabien Durand, France
by James Richman and Gregg Jacobs, U.K.
Interannual variability of Kelvin and Rossby Waves in the Tropical Indian Ocean and their impact on Tropical Cyclones
by C. Gnanaseelan, P Sreenivas and J.S. Chowdary, IITM, India
Role of Altimeter Data Assimilation in a Coupled Forecasting System NCEP-CFS, with a Special Emphasis on Monsoon Forecast
by P Sreenivas, C. Gnanaseelan, R. Kakatkar, G. Srinivas and N. Pavankumar, India
Day-3: April 24, 2014, Session-2
Preliminary Assessment of Along Track Resolution Capabilities of SARAL-ALTIKA
by K.M. Sreejith, A. Srivastava and A.S. Rajawat, SAC-ISRO, India
Water Level Retrieval Over the Major Rivers of India and Application for River Flow Modeling
by R. P. SIngh, P.K. Gupta, S. Dutta and A.K. Dubey, India
SARAL-ALTIKA, a Master Piece for Monitoring the Earth's Rivers
by Stephane Calmant, LEGOS/IRD
Waveform Parameter Extraction and Modeling of SARAL ALTIKA forIndian Inland Water
by Surajit Ghosh, Praveen Thakur, Vaibhabh Garg and Subrata Nandy, IIRS, ISRO, India
On Generation and Study of SARAL Altimetry derived geoid/gravity for Geological Interpretation over the 85 degrees E Ridge and its Surroundings
by S Chander and T. J. Majumdar, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Day-3: April 24, 2014, Session-3
Contribution of SARAL-ALTIKA for Ice Sheet Studies (focus over the Antartic Ice Sheet)
by A.Michel, F. Remy, T. Flament, A. Ollivier, J.C. Poisson, D. H. Hoang, France
Estimation of Sea Ice Freeboard from SARAL-ALTIKA
by Megha Maheshwari, Mahesh C., Rajumar Kamlajit Singh, Jayaprasad P, D. Ram Rajak, Sandip Oza, Rajkumar, Rashmi Sharma, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India
Ku/Ka Band Observations of Polar Ice Sheets
by P. Thibaut, Y. Lasne, J.C. Poisson, A. Guillot and N. Picot, France
Waveform Parameter Extraction and Modeling of SARAL ALTIKA for Indian Inland Water
by Sandip Oza, Megha Maheshwari, R.K. Kamaljit SIngh, Jayaprasad P., D. Ram Rajak and Rajkumar, SAC-ISRO, Ahmedabad, India


2014 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST) meeting