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Acronym Meaning
AIRS Atmospheric Infrared Sounder
AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution RadiometeR
ARMEX Arabian Sea Monsoon Experiment
ADEOS Advanced Earth Observation Satellite
BOMEX Bay of Bengal Monsoon Experiment
COARE Combined Ocean Atmosphere Research Experiment
COADS Comprehensive Oceanic Atmospheric Data Set
CISK Conditional Instability of Second Kind
CLW Cloud Liquid Water
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Programme
DOS Department of Space, India
ENSO EL -Nino/Southern Oscillation
ECMWF European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting
ERS European Remote Sensing Agency
FFT Fast Fourier Transformation
FGGE First GARP Global Experiment
GCM General Circulation Model
GPCP Global Precipitation Climatology Project
GPS Geographic Positioning System
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GIFTS Geostationary Imaging Fourier Transformation
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change
IMD India Meteorological Department
IFOV Instant Field of View
IR Infrared
IRS Indian Remote Sensing Satellite
INSAT Indian National Satellite
ISRO Indian Space Research Organization
ITCZ Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
MOG Meteorology and Oceanography Group
MOSDAC Meteorological and Oceanographic Satellite Data Analysis Centre
MCSST Multichannel Sea Surface Temperature
MJO Madden Julian Oscillations
MOM Modular Ocean Model
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MSMR Multifrequency Scanning Microwave Radiometer
MM5 Mesoscale Model
NWP Numerical Weather Prediction
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NSCAT NASA Scatterometer
NCEP National Centre for Environmental Prediction
NCAR National Centre for Atmospheric Research
NCMRWF National Centre for Medium Range Weather Prediction
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
OCM Ocean Colour Monitor
PSLV Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
SAC Space Applications Centre
SPCZ South Pacific Convergence Zone
SMMR Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
SMMI Special Sensor Microwave Imager
TOGA Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere
TIROS Television Infrared Observation Satellite
TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
TMI TRMM Microwave Imager
WTO World Meteorological Organization
WCRP World Climate Research Program
WWW World Weather Watch