Level-1B data(Indian Sector) for all 3 Channels- VIS, IR and WV for INSAT-3A satellite

Originator SAC/ISRO
Publisher MOSDAC
Date Available From 27 May,2009
Edition Version1
Data Presentation Form HDF5
Dataset Progress Status Operationally generated since 27 May,2009
Data Update Frequency 1hr-3hr
Purpose This product is obtained through VHRR Sensor of INSAT3A Satellite of ISRO. This covers the Indian sector in Asia Mercator Projection. The data is available in standard hdf5 format for registered and authorised users on MOSDAC. Details are available on
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Distribution formats HDF
Distributor ISRO-MOSDAC
Point of Contact Dr.Nikunj Darji
General Documentation Not Available
Time Period 1hr-3hr
Spatial Reference System Geo-referenced points
Spatial Bounding Box Coordinates (in degrees) Max Longitude [40]
Min Longitude [110]
Max Latitude [50]
Min Latitude [-10]
Themes Surface Atmosphere
Keywords VHRR, Level1, Indian Sector, INSAT3A
Data Centres MOSDAC (
Platform INSAT-3A Satellite
Instruments VHRR - Very high resolution radio meter
Places Asian Sector
Use Constraints For Research Purposes only. Not for Commercial use.
Access Constraints Open to all Researchers registered on MOSDAC
Fees No fees. Not Priced Products
Processing Steps Level-L1
Cite As: DOI:10.19038/SAC/10/3A-VHR-L1-INDIAN SECTOR, MOSDAC (